In an  autoconf / automake / libtool  project you need to run:

  • libtoolize : this copies/links a few support scripts, including  (which is the main component of libtool).
  • aclocal : this looks up all m4 macros that your configure script will need, and make a local copy for easier access.
  • autoheader : optional, if you want to use  config.h / AC_CONFIG_HEADERS , otherwise all the test result macros will be inlined when you call the compiler.
  • autoconf : to expand all the macros used by  into the  configure  script.
  • automake : to convert all the  into  templates. You probably want to invoke this with  --add-missing  so additional support scripts can be linked/copied to your project (such as  compilemissingdepcomptest-driver , etc).

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